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More Radio Shows and Podcasts are being planned, please stay tuned. In the meantime enjoy these previously recorded ones.

Radio Shows

WUTQFM 100.7 Talk of the Town


– 41 minutes: SIGNS The Veil is Thinner Than We Imagine – with Nick Kozoil and Jess DeCotis

– 30 minutes: Ilion My Childhood My Memories – with Bob Cudmore and The Historians (scroll for July 8, 2022)

– 30 minutes: My Rosemount Mn. Memories – with David Edward

– 32 minutes: Talking about both books and my writing with Matt Struven

– 15 minutes: Discussing my books with Douglas Coleman and the Douglas Coleman Show

– 85 minutes: Discussing my books with Jonah Deadwiley and The Blue Collar Enlightenment Show

– 42 minutes: Discussing my books with John Lim and MovingForward Podcast Website Version - Spotify Version